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About Euro Elevators & Escalators !

EURO ELEVATORS & ESCALATORS a key pillar enterprises is one of the largest bases of production of complete sete of elevators of India with an annual production capacity of over***no of elevators*** elevators. It is a professionalized enterprises that boasts a complete product system comprised of mini machine room elevators, luxurious passenger elevators, sight-seeing elevators, medical-purpose elevators, household (villa) elevators of various series as well as GRF? escalators, GRR? Moving sidewalks, GVH freight elevators and ESW elevators without machine room. It integrates introduction of elevators research and development, manufacturing, exportandtrade, installation, maintenance, and after-sale-service.

Euro Elevators & Escalators was established in 2004. We started on the road of professional manufacturing of elevators. Since the establishment in elevator technology of frequency and velocity modulation by 2004. It has been continuously brought in advanced elevator technology of frequency conversion. We have continuously assimilated and digested international advanced elevator technologies and accumulated various advantages in technology, team building, manufacturing, management , talent training and brand strategy so as to lay a solid scientific and technology foundation for further development and rejuvenation of our national

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